The Best Investments For Your Wedding Day To Make It Look High-end


September 24, 2019




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When you fall in love, the world feels new. It's as if everything is happening for the first time. That's why we love photographing weddings. Each wedding has us falling in love over and over again—it reminds us that there is wonder and mystery in this shared life we all build together. The most aspirational thing to us is rekindling that initial spark of falling in love. We want to give you that experience with your wedding photos, perfectly captured and forever remembered. It's here, in our journal, we celebrate your love story so all can enjoy it.


Over the years of photographing Grand Rapids weddings, we’ve found that there are a few little details that can truly elevate the look and feel of a wedding. What’s even better, these details don’t have to be expensive to look high-end. As wedding photographers, we’ve shot weddings in many varying different styles, but these small details can add an element of luxury to a wedding. These little details make a world of difference in the aesthetics of your wedding day.

High-End Wedding Day Details

We want your Michigan wedding to be everything you dreamed of—and more! With that in mind, we wanted to share some wedding photographer insider information… So, here are the ten best investments to make your wedding day look high end!


You might not realize it, but the linens used in your reception can really elevate the entire look of the wedding reception. If you take the opportunity to coordinate those linens with your wedding day color palette, it ties everything together in a simple and elegant way. Think about the layers of fabric involved in your table display: a base cloth, napkins, and a cloth overlay or runner. Uniting the entire wedding color theme with your linens gives a chic and stylish, completed look.

Pro tip: make sure that you match your white to the wedding gown! An ivory dress against true white tablecloths can end up looking yellow in your wedding pictures. Make sure that all the whites in the day match the bridal gown!


The right chairs can make a big difference in a wedding reception. We recommend upgrading your chairs and using Chiavari when given the option to do so. Whether gold, white or silver, the subtle touch of class added by having Chiavari chairs makes a heavy visual impact. The upholstery on ballroom chairs can look old and dated whereas the clean, elegant lines of the classy Chiavari chairs will look beautiful in your wedding photos! If Chiavari chairs aren’t an option, you might want to consider chair slipcovers for a rich, elegant look.

Real Flowers:

Another good wedding day investment is in your flower arrangements. Nothing says “high-end wedding” quite like real flowers. Real, live, thoughtfully arranged floral pieces take a wedding ceremony and reception to an entirely new level. While we love thoughtful DIY centerpieces, too, real florals are a breathtaking investment in your wedding day. When a bride and groom have real flowers in the bouquets, boutonnieres, and centerpieces, it makes the wedding truly luxurious. There’s nothing quite like beautifully crafted arrangements with fresh blooms or leafy greens. Plus, if there’s a room flip, you can re-use the beautiful ceremony flowers as reception décor! (If you’re not sure about wedding terms like ‘room flip’ and boutonniere, make sure to check out our Wedding Terms Glossary!)

Appealing Hors d’Oeuvres

During cocktail hour, presentation is everything. A beautiful spread of hors d’oeuvres is so classy, especially when champagne is served! Beautiful, fresh foods displayed in a beautiful way make a big impact at cocktail hour. And nothing is classier than butler-passed treats. Investing in an appealing spread for your cocktail hour will set the stage for the rest of your lavish wedding day events!

Have a champagne toast:

Now don’t mistake us—we know that you’ll have at least one speech with a toast. But the elegance of a champagne toast with real champagne (instead of just raising a glass of whatever you were drinking) evokes a feeling of a bygone era. We love the way elegant flutes filled with champagne look on a table! It’s just so chic and tasteful and is a quintessential part of a high-end wedding.

Serve a Signature Wedding Cocktail (or two!):

We love when couples have a signature cocktail at their reception. What’s even more fun is when you have a ‘his and hers’ set of cocktails. Not only is it a fun way to assert your individuality, but it makes for charming moments in your wedding album! You know, as a husband and wife wedding team, we are passionate about love and marriage. But we’re also two very different people! Leidy is free as a bird and I love structure and routine. But opposites attract! Two thoughtful cocktails that mirror your personal tastes are a fun way to capture that on your wedding day.

Tuxes and Black Ties:

There’s something so classically elegant about a man in a black tux. Black suits with black ties also can look very sleek. But for an upscale, high-end look, go with the classic black tie and black tux. The look is so much more sophisticated than a gray suit or the navy blazer and khakis trend. If you want a timeless, classic look, go with the timeless, classic styles. And drink your martini shaken, not stirred.

Matching Bridesmaids’ Robes:

We think that matching robes for getting ready is such a beautiful moment. There’s a camaraderie between a bride and her bridesmaids and an excitement that ripples through the room as everyone prepares for the day. Having all the ladies in tasteful, matching robes does double duty for high-end wedding photography. First off, everyone feels a little bit more comfortable while they’re getting ready. And, secondly, the pictures turn out so sweet! That image of a bride, surrounded by her bridesmaids, as they all toast with mimosas in their matching robes is an iconic ‘getting ready’ moment that Leidy loves to capture for her brides! And while she’s there, make sure you have these seven wedding day details ready for her to photograph as well! Not only are robes an elegant way to get ready in style, but they make for a wonderful gift to your bridesmaids!

Reception Uplighting:

We’re big fans of uplighting during a wedding reception. Reception uplighting, when done by professionals, can transform any reception space into something completely different and absolutely stunning. We’ve seen ballrooms totally transformed by strategically placed colored lights. And an outdoor wedding reception with uplighting on the trees and the tent can be something so romantic and magical! It’s well worth the investment for your wedding day.

High-End Grand Rapids Wedding Photography

Our goal for our wedding couples is to create a luxury, high-end wedding experience with your wedding photography. We hope that these tips on the best investments for creating a high-end wedding look and feel help you to design the wedding of your dreams!

We’re hopeless romantics ourselves and strive to create images that effortlessly showcase the unique love that each couple shares. While most of our wedding events take place in the West Michigan area, our passports are ready to take us wherever you need us!

We only accept a limited number of weddings each year, and most couples book us about a year to a year and a half in advance. For more detailed wedding information, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today!

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