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Modern Editorial at Sunstone Winery


July 7, 2021


Welcome to our blog, where we share our most recent work from weddings and engagements around the world. When we aren’t photographing weddings, we spend our time traveling, cooking together, reading, and cuddling with our two adorable dogs, Leesi and Luna. We adore documenting love stories and we cannot wait to tell yours.


On the morning of the editorial shoot, we pulled up to Sunstone Winery in our black Mercedes CL250 rental.

The sun glistened off the sleek black sporty luxury car as we maneuvered into a parking spot just outside the winery.

While the morning was warm, it was the beginning of a hot day, and the sun heated the light stone parking lot. The weather was terrific. Almost a completely clear blue sky only doted with a few high white clouds. It was the enviable weather conditions that only California could serve up.

The drive up to Sunstone Winery, nestled in the mountains of Santa Ynez, was nothing short of remarkable. Stunning vistas of rolling blue mountains and picturesque landscapes. Our experience was enhanced further with “our Mercedes.” A name Josh affectionately gave the rental car. What originally started as a joke between our long-time friend and travel agent turned into a gift that made Josh’s entire trip. As a man who appreciates the fine craft of things, the Mercedes tight maneuvering and comfortable drive was not lost on him.

Once we had arrived, we quickly moved our car into the line of other photographers parking and gathering their supplies before making the short climb up to the famous sunstone villa from which the winery earned its name.

We pilled on our gear and followed the line of other editorial vendors. Our excitement for the day’s events has been building with the days leading to the shoot. And as we rounded the corner from the parking lot, the iconic villa came into view, and we could barely contain that excitement.

If there is one thing that Sunstone does well, it’s marriage, and in more ways than one. Sunstone Winery brings together the best elements of California and melds them effortlessly with old-world charm for an experience unlike any other. Sunstone marries these experiences together and gives you the sense that you are in both places at once, a winery in Southern California and a romantic vineyard in the Provençal French countryside.

Sunstone Winery, of course, marries couples, and bringing people together is in the roots of each and every grape arbor.

Styled Shoots Across America hosted the editorial, and it was by far our favorite experience with them. Heather, owner and director of SSAA works tirelessly to host her workshops, and she puts her heart and soul into each shoot. We are so grateful for her graciousness and thoughtful planning.

And a trip to Sunstone Winery wouldn’t have been complete unless we shared a bottle of wine with friends. So, shortly after the editorial, we made our way down to the winery’s tasting room to share a flight with our friends Spencer and Jocelyn of Jocelyn and Spencer Photography. We even picked up two bottles to bring home with us for our wine cellar.

Since so many of our travels take place in beautiful wine counties, it has become a tradition for us to bring home a bottle or two. Our collection has been growing steadily, and we have plans to open them only on extraordinary occasions.

The entire trip was one of our favorites to date and will undoubtedly be a highlight of 2021.

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