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Fine Art Wedding Photography Mentorship

Go beyond courses and master


The best way to achieve a high-end photography brand is with one-on-one mentorship. We can help you refine your style and brand, 10x your business, all while maintaining a six-figure income.

Create a luxury 6-figure photography business



your craft.



They won't believe what you are putting on Instagram six months from now. Master the photography techniques to make this year's weddings look like high-end events, and doing it for double or triple your current investment. Meanwhile, you have a brand that attracts luxury clients and start filling your calendar with weddings you never dreamed you'd shoot. 

Learn the exact method we used to take our business and dozens of other photographer from zero experience to six-figures in one-year. 

Welcome to the Fine Art Photography Mentorship 

Ready for your life to change?

"I had been investing in photography courses for a while, but nothing truly compares to having two sets of professional eyes on your work.  The feedback I have received has helped my business and art grow exponentially."

— Lily Laidlaw Photography

"No matter the stage, Leidy and Josh have the expertise to take you to the next level."

The next step in growing your photography business and building a luxury portfolio isn't another cookie-cutter course. Instead, it's a custom-tailored mentorship that will provide you steps you specifically need to take to get to the next level.

We know that feeling but there is a way out

It's time to stop wasting time with one-size-fits-all courses that get you no where and just make you look like everyone else

but guess's not your fault

The Fine Art
Photography Mentorship

The fail-proof, bespoke strategy to build a 6-figure fine art photography business. Master your craft, elevate your brand and start booking high-end clients.


Bring your vision for your dream business to life and create a business that leaves you feeling more balanced and in alignment with what you're wanting to create for your life.

Hone your skills as an artist to create photography that attracts high-end clientele,  art that you are beyond proud of, and predictably gets accepted by major publications.

Here's What You'll learn

Clarity, direction, Productivity 

high-end work that you love

Your Business

Your Photography

In Elevate, you will set revenue goals, new collection prices, and savings goals that far exceed what you thought your business could accomplish, then exceed them.  

Hitting Six-Figures and beyond

Your Profits

Create a brand, reputation, and photography style that is uniquely yours all while you give meaning and a higher purpose to your photography and business.

purpose and vision for your brand

Your Identity

The Fine Art Photography Mentorship

Let us ask you a question...

Would you want this for your business in less than 6 months?

By mentoring with us, you will radically change your business in just five short months. You will walk away with the brand and photography of a fine art photographer, all while attracting high-end clients who want to book you for your work at premium rates.

I need this for my business, I'm in!

How It Works

Follow the links below and select the payment method that works best for you! We'll follow up immediately with your onboarding questionnaire.

We'll schedule your first session within one month. After our first meeting, we'll schedule the subsequent four mentorship sessions.  

After each session, we'll send you a custom lecture and actionable steps tailored to your business with suggestions on how to improve.

Become a mentee


Get Custom feedback

"Implementing the things Leidy and Josh talked about has been amazing."

Marissa Manzanares Photography

Month One: Fine-Art Branding

In the first month, we will completely overhaul the look and feel of your business. Together, we'll take a deep dive look at your business goals and current brand. Together, we'll create a brand that is high-end and taking you where you want to go.

Month Two: Refining Your Portfolio 

Here we will evaluate your portfolio and teach you how to create your own unique fine art style. Together we will identify successful posing, elevate your portfolio by curating, and work with you to edit YOUR images to create your very own unique editing preset!

Month Three: High-End Marketing

Here we will teach you how to define and book your “dream wedding.” We will teach you how to stop chasing your ideal client and go after something far more tangible while still effortlessly booking your dream clients. 

Month Four: $100,000 Pricing

In this module, we will share the most significant mistakes most photographers make that cost tens of thousands of dollars. We will review your price sheet, providing you with our pricing calculator, and show you how you can increase your income.

Month Five: Incorporating Film

Finally, we will conclude our mentorship with film. We will teach you how to shoot film, the different mediums, marketing film, and how to price it in your business. Learn how to be a hybrid shooter or full-fledged film photographer!

what is included:

Month One: Fine-Art Branding

Month Two: Refining Your Portfolio 

Month Three: High-End Marketing

Month Four: $100,000 Pricing

Month Five: Incorporating Film Photography

Showit +Site Virtual Album

Key Performance Indicators Metric Sheet

On-Demand Access to Consult Leidy & Josh

Real Time Constructive Criticism During Shoots

Special Mentee Pricing For Workshops + Editorials 

Pricing Calculator

Your Own Tailor  Made Lightroom Profile + Preset

"It totally worked! I booked a client today!"



"No course compares to having Leidy and Josh review your work."



Frequently asked questions

Who are The Fourniers?

We are Leidy & Josh, a husband and wife fine art wedding photographer team from Michigan. We went full-time after making over $100,000 our first year with no experience.

Will this mentorship work for me?

If you are a photographer who is willing to learn and improve your craft then, YES! We have worked with photographers at all stages, from inception to 10+ years in the business.

How quickly before I see results?

That entirely depends on how quickly you implement the material.  We have had students apply what they learn and book their dream weddings in their first month.

Can I modify the curriculum of the program?

We allow minor alterations to the mentorship curriculum. For example, if you would rather switch film photography for a lesson on how to run a mini session campaign successfully, we'd be happy to accommodate.

How often do you host editorial workshops?

We host workshops all over the United States.  Each year varies by we aim for a minimum of four editorial workshops per year.

Can I come photograph a wedding with you?

Yes, we allow it but cannot guarantee it. We reserve the final decision to be made by our client. But with their permission, we love to have our mentees along with us for shoots.

How much time commitment is needed?

Each month, we will spend time 1-on-1 over a 2-4 hour video call to teach you the material.  Homework can take between 2-10 hours each month.

I am a married team, can my spouse participate?

Yes! If you are a team, we encourage both of you to partake in the lessons for maximum benefit.

The real question is:

Is it worth spending your time figuring this out on your own?

You can do this on your own, it might take 3-5 years, or you can invest in this mentorship radically change how you shoot, edit, and appeal to a higher-end clientele in a few short months.

I'm ready to join!

"This is nuts! So amazing and helpful beyond measure and I've only just started!


Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

We understand the struggle!

There are few things we enjoy more than hearing the success stories from our students.  Let's take you to the next stage in your photography and business.

I'm ready to join!

Fine art photography for ADVENTUROUS couples who are madly in love