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Well, you can read about our history together and our experience as photographers, but the truth is that we simply love making a meaningful impact in the lives of people like you. As practicing medical providers, we care deeply about helping and inspiring other people. Our goal is to create timeless images for you to cherish through a mix of photojournalism and guided posing through your event. We believe that the right picture taken at the right time can capture a memory that will last forever. Our hope is that one day your children and grandchildren will discover your photo album and you can pass on the story of your experience through it. 

We are so glad you are here!

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We didn't start as photographers. Together we met during medical school and quickly became the best of friends. That friendship blossomed into love. We knew we were right for each other from the start. We had everything in common from video games to photography. 

From the countless long days and sleepless nights of studying together, we knew that working together would be a dream for us. So we started dreaming of starting our photography business together.

So we got to work and today we make that dream a reality, working together and living the life we used to dream about. But our most fulfilling dream? Seeing the transformations in the lives of the people we photograph. People just like you!

We are very much looking forward to hearing your story and share it with the world. 

Leidy and Josh



Natural Encourager

Irresistible Smile

Enjoys learning about other people, improving conversion, improving client experience, and adding to Leidy's to-do list. 

Enjoys staying up late editing and working in Photoshop, and then sleeping in.  She's still training Josh to be a night owl.

Studied biology and chemistry during undergrad and medicine in grad school. Believes that being a medical provider has been the greatest training in communication and understand others.

Born with an eye for photography, Leidy has always been comfortable taking pictures of people.  She often spends more time with clients than hired for just get one more shot....and another.....and another....

Her perfect day ends with a glass of wine and snuggled up on the couch with her puppy and a good movie.

Can be convinced to work for strong coffee or tacos and is heavily incentivized by good food....

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Contact us through email or phone so that we can discuss what type of session you are looking to book and to see if we are available that day.

Yes!  By default payments are divided into 3 or four payments.  However payments can be adjusted on an individual basis.  Just let us know what you would like! 

Because our sessions and weddings include the digital release for all your images as well as retouching to ALL of your photographs.  We also release more photographs, allow for more time during sessions, and allow for unlimited outfit and location changes.  So while it might seem like we charge more, we are actually cost less!  And we promise you won't be disappointed with your pictures.  Oh and did we mention you get two photographers for the price of one?

That depends on what you are booking us for.  Photography sessions start at $250 which includes print release and digitals. For events like weddings and quinceaneras, prices start at $1,950.  Most people typically invest about $2,500 for a wedding or quinceanera package. 

Absolutely not.  Ask us about our own experience as photography clients and we will tell you why we are very much against this practice.  We believe that if you pay for a photography session, you should keep the pictures without paying extra.

Can geek out on camera gear all day!  We use some of the best camera gear on the market.  We both shoot with Nikon D750 camera body and use the following lenses:
135 mm f/1.8
85 mm f/1.8
50 mm f/1.8
35 mm f/1.8
70-200 mm
34-120 mm
Josh loves his 50 mm and the 34-120 while Leidy prefers the 85 mm and 35 mm.

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Other photographers charge less for their sessions and weddings, why do you charge more?

Do you charge extra for the digital and print release?

What camera gear do you use?

How much do you charge?

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