7 Wedding Day Details To Have Ready for Your Wedding Photographer


August 5, 2019




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When you fall in love, the world feels new. It's as if everything is happening for the first time. That's why we love photographing weddings. Each wedding has us falling in love over and over again—it reminds us that there is wonder and mystery in this shared life we all build together. The most aspirational thing to us is rekindling that initial spark of falling in love. We want to give you that experience with your wedding photos, perfectly captured and forever remembered. It's here, in our journal, we celebrate your love story so all can enjoy it.


As Michigan wedding photographers, we take our job very seriously. We firmly believe that wedding photos will someday become family heirlooms. With that in mind, some of the most important images that we capture are the wedding day details. In the morning, on the wedding day, we love to start our day photographing those little details. While small, these details help to tell the whole story of the wedding day. We love including these wedding day details in wedding albums!

Photographing Wedding Day Details

Typically, we start the day in her bridal suite (or wherever she is getting ready) to take those details aside and capture them. Over our years of photographing weddings, we notice that some of the important wedding day details are forgotten or unavailable when we’re there to photograph the details. But not to fear! We’ve written this blog to act as a refresher of how to prepare to have your wedding details camera-ready!

Here are some tips on gathering the important wedding day details for us to style and photograph for your wedding album!

Wedding Day Details to Have Ready for Your Photographer

The Bride’s Floral Bouquet

Together, we’ve photographed so many Michigan weddings, and we have to say that every bridal bouquet is unique. We love capturing the beauty of these blooms early in the day to make sure the flowers look their very best! If the flowers are being delivered, make sure that the bridal bouquet can make its way to the bridal suite so it can be photographed.

Bride’s Shoes

Make sure that those gorgeous shoes get a chance to shine all on their own in a beautiful photograph. We love taking pictures of the bride’s shoes! And really, we know that the right pair of shoes for your wedding day is VERY important! Whether a bride’s shoes are her clean and classic, delicate and lacy, elegant and shimmering, or fun and funky, the shoes are a detail that we love photographing!

The Rings

It goes without saying that the wedding rings are an important wedding day detail to photograph. Make sure that you have all the rings: engagement and both wedding bands. It’s easy to forget that your husband-to-be might have the wedding bands. We love styling the rings together and incorporating the other wedding day details to complement them!

The Vow Books

Wedding vows are priceless. To help our couples preserve them, we send all our brides and grooms a Vow Book when they book with us! Whether you use these books to write your own vows or to write each other love letters to share on your wedding day, make sure to set them aside so we can photograph them. Keeping your vows in a vow book creates a meaningful keepsake for years to come, but also a powerful photograph for your wedding album!

The Invitation Suite

It might not be something you would think to bring with you on your wedding day, but we love styling the invitation suite with other wedding details! When we say ‘Invitation Suite’ that means the invitation, the RSVP cards, and any other relevant printed goods to complete the story. We love to get creative with the printed items to create a beautifully staged photo! Add in the engagement ring and the boutonniere and it can create a stunning story all in one picture!

Groom’s Wedding Day Details

Let’s not leave out the groom’s details! Make sure to set aside his shoes, tie or bow tie, cuff links, tie bar, watch, special socks, and cologne if desired. If there’s a special bottle of alcohol or a flask that the groomsmen are toasting with, make sure to include that as well! Part of the fun of photographing wedding day details is to document the whole story of the day.

The Boutonniere

Make sure to have the boutonniere ready to be photographed as well! Whether we include it in a photograph with the groom’s wedding day details or in a styled photograph with the invitations or the vow books, the boutonniere is a favorite detail for us to capture! (Not sure about what a boutonniere is? Make sure to learn more about it and other wedding terms in our handy Wedding Glossary!

Detail Shots are Wedding Photos, Too!

Photographing the wedding day details is a wonderful way to make sure that the whole story of the wedding day is captured. We love how wedding albums can come together to become a treasured testament of the wedding day and all its special moments. Plus, when you hire husband and wife wedding photographers, you know that you’ll have two people who are deeply invested in capturing your love.

And, for more information on how this husband and wife photography team can help you on your wedding day, make sure to check out our Wedding Guide with even more free wedding tips to make planning your Wedding Day even easier!

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