4 Reason to Hire Husband And Wife Wedding Photographers

November 27, 2018

4 Reason to Hire Husband And Wife Wedding Photographers

Husband And Wife Wedding Photographers

You have heard other couples talk about them.  The husband and wife wedding photographers who shot a friends wedding.  You have heard how they were so much fun.  How the pictures turned out amazing and how everyone at the wedding loved them.  But why does it matter?  What makes the husband and wife wedding photographers different from any other wedding photographer?  Well, as husband and wife ourselves, we would love to share why hiring the husband and wife wedding photographers will be one of your best decisions when planning your wedding.

4 Reason to Hire Husband And Wife Wedding Photographers

1. Husband and Wife Photographers Have Been There

As a husband and wife team, we’ve been there and shared a perspective on marriage.  Not only have we worked together to bring other couples together, we know first hand what it is like to be in your shoes.  Leidy was once the bride and Josh once the groom.  We had a wedding photographer and know what it’s like to both be taking pictures and to have our wedding photography done by someone else.  There were some things we liked, some we didn’t.  But this perspective lets us better empathize with our brides and grooms letting us give the best experience possible.

4 Reason to Hire Husband And Wife Wedding Photographers

2. We Strengthen And Encourage Marriage

We encourage marriage!  We see how awesome our lives have become as a married couple and we want that for you too!  As husband and wife wedding photographers it brings us joy to immortalize the new love a couple feels at the start of their relationship.  Being able to spend our entire day helping your wedding brings us joy and satisfaction in a job well done.

4 Reason to Hire Husband And Wife Wedding Photographers

3. We Can Be In Two Places At Once

When you hire husband and wife wedding photographers you are hiring a team that works together every day.  We can communicate without saying a word and we know exactly how the other person is feeling.  It’s a superpower that is developed sometime after being married.  Don’t worry, you’ll pick it up too.  But on a wedding day, there are so many different things happening and so much that needs to be captured quickly!  Communication is key and we work efficiently to capture everything at different angles.  Because we work well together in life, just work well together period.

4 Reason to Hire Husband And Wife Wedding Photographers

4. We Love People and Parties

And why wouldn’t we?  We chose to shoot weddings for so many reasons and loving couples is just one of them.  But when we are at your wedding, we are more than just the people with cameras in the corner.  We are invited guests to your wedding and it’s our job to make your wedding day better because of us!  We are assets to your wedding day because we know that excited and happy guests make for killer wedding photos.  And giving you the best wedding day photography is our priority. (This is also a reason Why We Arrive An Hour Early For Weddings.)

4 Reason to Hire Husband And Wife Wedding Photographers Leidy and Josh Photography Grand Rapids Weddings and Michigan Quinceañera Photography

You Get The Love And Support Of Two People Who Care About You

So in short, husband and wife wedding photographers can be in two places at once, have superhuman communication powers, love the fact that you are getting married, want your guests to have an amazing time, AND can share wisdom from their own wedding experiences.  What’s not to love?

Well despite all of these benefits, none of those advantages will matter unless you have a real connection with the couple you plan to hire.  But if the connection is there and they love their work, if they are passionate about marriage and will genuinely invest that passion into your wedding day.  Then hiring the husband and wife wedding photographers will make all the difference in your wedding day and the photos that represent it.

 Leidy and I are a married photography team, and we’ve developed unique roles when splitting up the responsibilities of shooting a wedding as husband and wife photographers.  To learn how this husband and wife team can help you on your big day, be sure to read our Wedding Guide full of free wedding tips to make your big day picture perfect!

4 Reason to Hire Husband And Wife Wedding Photographers

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