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December 12, 2019




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When you fall in love, the world feels new. It's as if everything is happening for the first time. That's why we love photographing weddings. Each wedding has us falling in love over and over again—it reminds us that there is wonder and mystery in this shared life we all build together. The most aspirational thing to us is rekindling that initial spark of falling in love. We want to give you that experience with your wedding photos, perfectly captured and forever remembered. It's here, in our journal, we celebrate your love story so all can enjoy it.


Our complete wedding photography package includes two photographers and ten hours of complete wedding coverage. But often, we get inquiries from brides who are only looking for 2-3 hours of ceremony coverage… and nothing else. We don’t offer a 2-3 hour wedding photography collection because we believe in capturing your wedding day from start to finish! We want to capture every detail so the couple can relive and savor those wedding day moments and wedding day memories for years to come! In fact, we like to show up early and we will even go out of our way to stay a little longer, if needed. We believe it is THAT important.

Full-Day Wedding Photography Coverage

There are so many important things that happen outside of the wedding ceremony. If we were only present for a few hours of the wedding day, those moments would be missed, and those memories lost. A wedding day is a story, from start to finish. Each moment has weight, from the anticipation as the bride and groom get ready to the very last images of the night when the bride and groom—now husband and wife—exit the wedding reception and head off to their life together.

Your wedding photography should tell the whole story. When couples look back at their wedding album, they should be able to relive each moment. Wedding photos should capture the emotions and the love in each of the moments, no matter how small. There are so many important moments on a wedding day that we have been so glad we could capture for our wedding couples. We photograph Grand Rapids weddings all year round, and there are stories that we photograph that truly stay with us. Documenting these love stories are an honor, a privilege, and our passion. We love photographing love. Here are some of the stories and moments we were able to witness and photograph because we were there with full-day wedding photography coverage!

Emotional Moments Before the Wedding Ceremony

On a recent wedding, before we did a first look with the bride and groom, we did a first look with the bride, her mom and the bridesmaids. The girls freaked out. Their joy and excitement were so much fun to photograph. The bride loved the moment! She felt so confident and joyful before heading off to her first look with her groom. Plus, her mother became very emotional. It was very touching for everyone, and we were there to document every moment.

Meanwhile, before the groom headed out to his first look, his dad pulled him aside for a moment. His dad told him how proud of him he was. The father went on to share how the groom was a good man, and that he has always treated his mother with respect, so, he had no doubt he would do the same for his bride. There were hugs and lots of “I love you, Dad” and “I love you too, son.”

Dad became teary-eyed… and we captured it! Now the bride can see this beautiful moment between her husband and father-in-law in their wedding album!

Special Wedding Memories After the Ceremony

Without full day wedding coverage, couples could potentially miss out on the special moments and memories during the reception. During open dancing, the mother of the bride surprised the bride (and the groom) with a live mariachi band. The bride loves mariachi music! It was such a treat. The bride’s surprised reaction quickly became an overjoyed smile. It was truly priceless and now the bride and groom can look back on that joy and that moment and remember all the fun.

Sometimes the special moments happen away from all the action, later in the evening with only the bride and the groom. At the end of a reception, we took the bride and groom outside for a private and intimate champagne toast to their marriage under a moonlit, starry night in an outdoor string light decorated pergola. This quiet moment belonged only to the two of them… and to us, because we were there to document this happy moment they shared! Now, they can share that happiness for years to come!

There are sometimes moments that surprise the bride and groom as well. Moments you can’t possibly plan for! Like the time when the parents of the bride surprised the bride and groom with a bottle of wine for every “first” in their new marriage. A bottle for the couple’s first Christmas, first birthday, first vacation, first fight, and more. They created a custom label for each bottle, titled it with which first it was for, and added a short paragraph with their wisdom on it. It was super sweet!

Michigan Wedding Photography

We take on a limited number of Grand Rapids weddings per year, so when we sign up to be your wedding photographers, we will be there to cover the entire wedding day. From the moments leading up to your first look to the grand exit as husband and wife, we’ll be there by your side to capture all the little moments that together tell the story of your wedding day. Wedding photography is more than just taking pictures. It’s about capturing the moments that matter on this special day. It would be our honor to be there to capture yours and to tell your story. For information about our availability, please get in touch

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