Wedding Day First Look: A Bride’s Perspective


March 28, 2019




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When you fall in love, the world feels new. It's as if everything is happening for the first time. That's why we love photographing weddings. Each wedding has us falling in love over and over again—it reminds us that there is wonder and mystery in this shared life we all build together. The most aspirational thing to us is rekindling that initial spark of falling in love. We want to give you that experience with your wedding photos, perfectly captured and forever remembered. It's here, in our journal, we celebrate your love story so all can enjoy it.


Are you considering a wedding day First Look?  Maybe you are torn between keeping things traditional versus taking a more modern approach?  Are you trying to convenience your future husband to agree to the First Look?  Well, this blog was created just for you! 

As a bride myself, I had to make the decision to say yes or no to the First Look on our big day.  It was a tough decision since my husband was very much the traditional guy.  He was concerned that if we saw each other before the ceremony, his much awaited “coming down the aisle moment” would be ruined.  After various discussion my wonderful now husband who only ever wants to make me happy, agreed to the First Look.  He agreed to the First Look not because his mind was changed by our numerous conversations, but because he is just wonderful and only ever wants to make me happy.  Little did he know he would LOVE our wedding day First Look!

Here are a few of the reasons why his mind was completely changed and the First Look ended up being one of HIS favorite memories from our wedding day: 

Wedding Day First Look.  Wedding photographer Leidy with pink and white roses.

The First Look Brought Us Together Earlier

Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your lives.  Why is it then that tradition dictates that you must spend most of the day apart?  Old school traditions can look nonsensical to our modern brides, because well they are old.

Let’s face it, depending on the time of your wedding ceremony and/or the wedding venue where we are getting married without a first look the bride and groom will spend most of their day apart.  Most ceremonies are not scheduled until 4:00 to 5:00 pm in the afternoon.  This was how we planned our own wedding day.  This meant we would’ve spent 16-17 hours apart on our big day!  17 HOURS!  Saying I do to the wedding day first look, means you can get many of those hours of time apart back, allowing the big day and the celebration to last longer. 

Uninterrupted and Private Tender Moment

If you are an introvert, are not great speaking in public or enjoy privacy, the First Look will be a great fit for you!  The participants of your wedding day First Look are only you and your groom.  This gives you the opportunity to open up and express emotions you would otherwise be holding back.  The First Look allows you to be yourself. Without the pressure of having over one-hundred guests looking at you during your most vulnerable moment. Having this privacy allows for more authentic reactions not only from you but from your groom! It’s true, grooms are more likely to let go and cry during a first look than during the ceremony. We love tearful First Looks. There is a lot less pressure during an intimate First Look. Sure your photographers are also there, but trust us you won’t even know! We do our best to blend in and be invisible. I certainly do not remember ours during our First Look. 

The First Look also gives you the opportunity to read your vows in private.  This is something Josh and I chose to do on our wedding day.  We liked the idea of keeping our vows to ourselves.  We loved this intimate moment together!  If you have spoken with us, you know how much we loved our wedding day First Look.  Our vows in private was a big part of it.  There was no pressure, we could laugh, cry and be silly because it was just us!

Less Pressure During the Coming Down the Aisle Moment

Well, let me reassure you that the coming down the aisle moment continues to be as nerve-racking and unique. Regardless of whether you see your spouse before the ceremony or not. I still had the same butterflies. I was still afraid of falling on my face during the procession and the significance of what this walk meant did not change one bit.

Our wedding day First Look did change one thing. It allowed me to take everything during the processional in and enjoy the moment. There was less pressure for it to be perfect. What happened on our wedding processional is a perfect example of why you should do a First Look. Lining my aisle, we had these cute white lanterns and pots of flowers. I also happen to be wearing the puffiest wedding dress I could find. So naturally, my dress got caught on every single lantern and flower pot. As I walked down the aisle, I knocked over every single lantern and flower pot. Our polite guests attempted to repair the damage as I walked down the aisle. Josh and I laugh about this moment now and without our First Look, this would have been so stressful. This could have been the first time Josh saw me and I was more focused on the flower pots and lanterns than my future husband. We were so grateful for our First Look. Otherwise, this traditional moment wouldn’t be humorous to us today.

Better Photos The Rest of The Day

This is not only beneficial from a photographer standpoint but beneficial as a bride. Having a First Look makes the photos the rest of the day go smoother. Because you have already had the First Look, you will feel more relaxed while having your pictures taken the rest of the day. And when you are more relaxed your photos look less forced and more authentic. Smiles are more genuine and the candid moments really shine through. For us, some of our favorite pictures on our wedding day were during golden hour. This is because we love the way we look and we are completely relaxed during our pictures. We had finally gotten married, all the formal pictures were out of the way. We felt comfortable in front of the camera and we could relax and be ourselves.

Not sure what golden hour is?  Be sure to check out our Engagement Session Guide were we go into full detail to what and when golden hour is!

A Less Hectic Schedule 

During the First Look, you will have your bride and groom portraits done. But following the First Look include most of the days’ formal photography. This includes the bridal party portraits and family formals. Once these major blocks of wedding time are complete, the rest of the day flows without interruption. This leaves you and your new husband time to socialize with guests at cocktail hour. It will also provide more time for your guests to enjoy your company with less waiting. This also means more time to enjoy dinner and dancing. As a bride, you want to be able to slow down and feel and enjoy your day. Without a First Look, the time following your ceremony can consist of portrait time. It’s better to have your portraits done early so you can spend the time enjoying yourself when it matters most.

Must You Have a Wedding Day First Look?

Absolutely not, you can most definitely have the perfect wedding day without one.  But saying I do to the First Look means a more balanced schedule for your big day, more time with your spouse on the big day, more “JUST YOU TWO” time on the big day and less pressure when coming down the aisle. 

Josh and I are the biggest fans of the First Look and will forever treasure that special, intimate and quiet time during our hectic wedding day.  We love encouraging our couples to consider having a First Look.  It is such a cherished moment for us and we know our couples will cherish their First Look just as much.

If you are curious, read about our The First Look from the Groom’s Perspective written by Josh!

Wedding Day First Look.  Wedding photographer Leidy with pink and white roses.

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