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June 30, 2019

Classic Holland Michigan Wedding

June 30, 2019

Every wedding we photograph is just a little different in their own way. It is wonderful to see how our brides and grooms put together their color palette, the theme, the location, and all the little details together to celebrate their wedding day. We love to sit down and go through their wedding photos and reflect on their wedding day before we write the blog. For Cece and Andrew, as we enjoyed putting together their lovely Holland Michigan wedding, the adjective that kept coming to mind was, “classic”.

Classic Holland Michigan Wedding

Nestled snugly in the wood at the Holland Fish and Game Club, this Holland Michigan wedding was a warm and sunny summer wedding. It was the perfect temperature of not too hot. Balloons decorated the dance floor of Cece and Andrew’s wedding matching the colors and theme of the wedding day. As everyone entered the reception space, smiles and hugs were handed out freely as everyone was excited to be there on that wedding day. Just like everyone at the wedding, we had a great time with everyone celebrating.

Cece & Andrew

Thank you so much for trusting us to photograph your beautiful wedding day! Cece and Andrew, it has been an absolute joy getting to know the both of you. Cece, you worked so hard to put together your wonderful wedding day and all that hard work has paid off! We are so glad you decided to do a First Look with your dad. It was a very touching and emotional moment! We are so glad we could capture that memory for you! Both of your families were so sweet and nice! It was lovely to get to meet everyone and learn about them on your wedding day. Here are just a few portraits from your wedding day! We can’t wait to deliver all of them!

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