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How to Pose for Engagement Pictures (Our Top 5)


June 30, 2020


Welcome to our blog, where we share our most recent work from weddings and engagements around the world. When we aren’t photographing weddings, we spend our time traveling, cooking together, reading, and cuddling with our two adorable dogs, Leesi and Luna. We adore documenting love stories and we cannot wait to tell yours.


You booked your wedding photographer, scheduled your engagement session, and have been working tirelessly on picking just the right outfits for the big event. But then, you think about the day and freeze in your tracks. You are caught off guard, the fear sets in and you realize you do not know how to pose for your engagement pictures. As a matter of fact, the last time you were in front of a professional camera was back in your senior year of high school!

You probably open your browser and start searching for posing ideas online or maybe create a Pinterest board to study, and start to worry. All of a sudden the engagement session transforms from something fun to something intimidating and awkward.

If this story sounds familiar, fear not. We are here to tell you that you do not need to know how to pose to look completely amazing in your engagement pictures. Your job is to show up looking amazing and to simply have a fun experience with your soon to be husband. Our job, as photographers, is. not only to create moments you will enjoy but to create beautiful images via guided posing!

Here are 5 of our favorite poses that we coach our couples to do every engagement session, that create candid moments, genuine smiles, and the most romantic images EVER!

1. The Hollywood Kiss

Michigan Wedding Photographer - The Fourniers

Absolutely one of our favorite poses and for good reason! There is nothing more romantic and wowing than The Hollywood Kiss. It’s also one of our most popular poses because so many of our couples love it! There is a little trick to really nailing this shot. You can’t simply photograph somebody kissing. But there is a special moment during a kiss that gives you The Hollywood Kiss look. Don’t worry, we’ll walk you through it!

2. Walking

Michigan Wedding Photographer - The Fourniers

We love the way walking introduces movement in images, especially in those long flowy dresses that look so good in our brides. We usually start our session walking as a good icebreaker, because well, everyone knows how to walk! Walking images also capture the trust you have for one another, the excitement of starting this journey together, and your willingness to follow each other always! There is a reason why this pose is so popular in magazines, movies, and book covers! It is both romantic and genuine.

3. The Sweet Embrace

Michigan Wedding Photographer - The Fourniers

Some of the best poses aren’t overly elaborate or complicated but simply capture the love and delight you feel for one another. The pure essence of your love is best captured with The Sweet Embrace. We love this pose for engagement pictures because it’s so natural and effortless. It’s during this pose when we dial the energy down a little bit and let you two have a moment to take it all in. To simply enjoy the real reason why we are taking engagement pictures in the first place, to celebrate the love you have for one another.

4. The Lift and Kiss

Michigan Wedding Photographer - The Fourniers

Few moments are more theatrical (or romantic) than when your honey lifts you in the air, toes pointed out, for a kiss! We love this pose because not only will it make you look like the cover of a magazine, it’s just a lot of fun to do. We’ll have you giggling and laughing through the whole shot which often leads to some of the best candid moments.

5. The Supportive Hug

Michigan Wedding Photographer - The Fourniers

This moment exists in real life only when there are complete extasis and happiness. Do you remember how it felt the last time you were surprised with a hug from behind? Remember how loved, safe, protected, and appreciated you felt? It’s the best feeling in the world. We have grown up seeing our parents do it, we do, and there is something enduring about it. At that moment you can melt away in the love and embrace of your significant other knowing everything is right in the world.

So that’s it! You actually don’t even need to know how to pose for engagement pictures and they will still look unbelievable. We promise you will be surprised at how “model-like” you will look in all your pictures!

For more inspo, be sure to check out some of our recent  engagement session or our Pinterest engagment inspo board before your shoot! As always, feel free to drop a question in the comments below. We love to help!

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