Grand Rapids Cultural Center Quinceañera - Leidy & Josh Photography

July 13, 2019

Grand Rapids Cultural Center Quinceañera

July 13, 2019

“Hey! Pullover there!” Leidy exclaimed as Josh was driving down a road in on a sunny afternoon in Grand Rapids, Michigan. A beautiful church caught her eye with white columns. Josh knew she was sold on the white columns and thinking how great this place would be for a photoshoot. A few minutes later they were parked at the back of the church and a nice man named Keith was showing Leidy and Josh around Saint Nicholas Antiochian Orthodox Church. The stunning church was attached to an event center known as, Grand Rapids Culture Center. Leidy and Josh were informed that quinceaneras are often held there. Soon after, Leidy and Josh left Saint Nicholas Antiochian Orthodox Church and the Grand Rapids Cultural Center wishing that one day in the near future they would have the opportunity to photograph there….little did they know, that opportunity would be right around the corner!!

Grand Rapids Cultural Center

When we learned that the Grand Rapids Cultural Center was the location of Aleny’s quince, we were THRILLED! We are always on the lookout for stunning buildings to use for photoshoots or to recommend to our brides for weddings. As beautiful the Grand Rapids Cultural Center was when we first saw it, it was even better after Maira decorated it! Maira did an incredible job with the beautiful decor.

Aleny, Maira, and Beto

Maira and Beto, thank you so much for allowing us to photograph your daughter during this very important time in her life! We could have stayed all night! Aleny’s quinceañera at the Grand Rapids Cultural Center was one of the most beautiful quinces we have ever been to. The details at the reception dinner were so gorgeous and everyone was so nice! It was a beautiful fiesta and nobody will have to know about “the wall” and the magic erasers. =) Aleny, you are so beautiful and strong, just like your mother. Your family loves you very much! Remember, life has its ups and downs but your family will be with you through it all no matter what. It was our honor . to be a part of your quince! It was such a joyous celebration with amazing food (Abuela’s tamales were SO GOOD!), we had a blast! Here are just a few of the photographs we loved from your stunning quinceanera! We hope you love them!

Grand Rapids Cultural Center Quinceañera

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