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March 8, 2019




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When you fall in love, the world feels new. It's as if everything is happening for the first time. That's why we love photographing weddings. Each wedding has us falling in love over and over again—it reminds us that there is wonder and mystery in this shared life we all build together. The most aspirational thing to us is rekindling that initial spark of falling in love. We want to give you that experience with your wedding photos, perfectly captured and forever remembered. It's here, in our journal, we celebrate your love story so all can enjoy it.


Congratulations!  You’re are married! As you come down from the high and excitement of your wedding day you might find yourself thinking, “Now what?”  The to-do list for the wedding day is gone but there is still much to do.  Don’t worry, as husband and wife who has gone through this we are here to help!  Here is our list of six things you should do after the wedding day by Grand Rapids wedding photographers, Leidy & Josh!

Take a Break

Whether you are taking your honeymoon following your wedding or spending some time as husband and wife, it is important the two of you take a break!  Honestly, this is the most important tip.  Spend some time just the two of you immediately after the wedding.  Take a destination beach vacation in the Caribbean, hike the mountains, travel to Europe, or plan a staycation in your new home together.  Regardless of how you do it, just relax, enjoy each other’s company.  You will be surprised how tired you feel after the wedding and the festivities.  Take the time to share a bottle of wine and relive all those beautiful wedding memories.

Too many couples jump back into their lives and work following the wedding with plans to vacation later.  Don’t do this!  Life has a way of creeping in and taking over, and that honeymoon may never come!  The exception to this is if you have a honeymoon already booked and plan on working a few weeks before then.

Take Care of Name Changes

Not everyone does it, and that is okay!  But if you plan to change your name, be ready for a few weeks of paper shuffling.  Sure it can be a burden but it will likely mean more to your spouse than you will ever know!  We were married in Michigan, and while it might vary from state to state, the first place to start is at the Secretary of State office.  And you have to go in person to fill out some paperwork and order a new social security card.  Once that is filed, it takes a few weeks to get the updated card in the mail.  From there you can take your new social security care to the DMV and obtain a new driver’s license and passport.

And pro tip, if you are going on an overseas honeymoon following the wedding, do all this AFTER your honeymoon.  You don’t want to be stuck overseas with a passport in one name and social security card in another.  Best to wait until you return State-side!

Write Thank You Cards

Honestly, we neglected to do them have regretted it.  So many of our friends and family came together to help us make our wedding day very special.  We have been truly grateful for them after the wedding.  But we never sat down to write them Thank You cards.  Sure we made calls and told them “Thank you, so much!” in person.  But it would have been much more meaningful if we took the time to write them a quick note.  When you sit down to write your Thank You cards, don’t feel overwhelmed.  If you can remember the gift or a moment you shared, then be sure to write it down!  But if nothing comes to mind, even the simple act of simply saying “Thank you for being there.” will be so much to your guest after the wedding.

Make Your Home Our Home

Maybe you already live together.  Maybe you have been living apart.  Or maybe you bought a new house?  Either way, after the wedding you will now be living with your husband for the first time even if you have lived together for years.  It is important that you both feel like you live there.  Put up pictures of your wedding day and decorate your living space in a new way that makes you say, “This is very us.”

Write Wedding Vendor Reviews

Did you love the flowers from your florist? The catering staff go above and beyond?  Was your husband and wife photographer team THE BOMB? 😉 Did you read the reviews before contacting them? One of the best ways you can thank those vendors is to write them a review.  Now you will be able to review most wedding vendors on Facebook or Google, but if you REALLY want to say thank you, see if they have a WeddingWire or The Knot profile.  By leaving your vendor a review on these wedding sites isn’t only a great way to say thank you, it will help your wedding vendor find more brides like you!  How much did you appreciate reading about your wedding photographers before inquired with them?  This is a great way to pay it forward and share with future brides you experience!

Six Things To Do After The Wedding Day - Leidy & Josh

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