Provin Trails Fall Senior Session


November 13, 2018




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“Okay….three….two….one!!  Pull the pin!!!”

The smoke bomb sputtered at first.  A second went by followed by a weak stream of smoke.  Then…..FISSSSSSST!  The smoke bomb erupted in a pillar of reddish-orange smoke.  Iris began waving the smoke bomb in a circular motion just like we instructed.  The hikers of Provin Trails stop to see what the commotion was about.  They saw us with cameras and probably assumed that this was a senior photo session.  But they soon realized this was not the typical Provin Trails fall senior session.

“Perfect!” we shout to Iris over the loud hiss of the smoke bomb, “Just like that!  Keep it up!”  The onlooking crowd around the side of the trail began to grow.

The cool autumn wind blew the smoke left then right creating a haze.  But Iris continued to wave the smoke bomb in a circle creating a clearing in the smoke for her face to show through.  We were laughing at the ridiculousness of the situation.  And we were having fun.

A Fall Senior Session Like No Other

We have shot senior session before.  We have shot out in the woods with fall colors before (see our Rosa Park Engagement Session).  But we have never shot using smoke bombs before.  It was Iris’s idea and something she picked up on Pinterest.  It was a great idea and we had a blast shooting it.

When we meet Iris and her mother Gloria for the first time at Provin Trails, we liked them immediately.  Gloria had several ideas for the photo shoot and even brought pumpkins.  Iris had curated a Pinterest board of ideas and had been sharing them with Leidy.  They both had a relaxed and easy going nature that was a joy to work with.

Gloria and Iris

Thank you, Gloria and Iris, for letting us shoot Iris’s senior photos!  Iris is so beautiful and a natural in front of the camera.  We would happily photograph her anytime.

We absolutely loved the smoke bomb idea and will keep it in mind for future shoots.  Josh keeps a bag of extras/props for photos shoots (rose petals, confetti, autumn leaves, and light up balloons to name a few).  We cannot wait to try this again!

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  1. Tracy Adams says:

    Beauuuuuutiful fall senior photos! I love what you guys did with the pumpkins and the senior year! So creative!!

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