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December 26, 2018




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Life has a funny way of giving you not what you expect.  As a kid, my father would refer to this as life “throwing a curveball” at you.  You expect life to go right but when you least expect it, life turns left.

I have thought a lot about how I wanted to write this post.  I knew I would title it “Merry Christmas From Leidy and Josh 2018” because there will be 2019, 2020, and so on…I wanted to write a post about the importance of family and how marriage brings families together.  I wanted to post a picture of Leidy and myself at the family Christmas party wearing our “First Christmas With My Hot New Wife” and “Husband” Christmas sweaters respectively.  I imagined a mug of eggnog in my left hand, my right arm around Leidy, surrounded by my loved ones.  I wanted that picture so I could post it in this blog post and it would look so nice and so perfect.  It would be the ideal vision of Christmas as a newlywed couple.

SURPRISE…You Have Influenza

But I never got that photo.  There was never any eggnog and Leidy couldn’t make it to the family Christmas party because she came down with the flu.  Christmas for Leidy has been a miserable state of floating in and out of consciousness between coughing fits and fever spikes.  The poor woman was actually scheduled to work Christmas day and then sent home.

Needness to say she is actually getting better after a 3.5 hour nap Christmas afternoon.  Upon awakening I made us scrambled eggs with leftover Cuban rice topped with avocado.  The quintessential comfort food for my wife.  We ate that in the quiet of a dimly lit apartment under a heated blanket.

But you know what is the crazy thing about all of it?  There are absolutely no ill feelings in the house.  Neither Leidy or I feel like we missed out on any aspect of Christmas.  Even though we both love Christmas.  We love spending time with family.  We love everything about the holiday season despite not hanging a single Christmas decoration.  And I really like eggnog and didn’t even have a glass of the fake stuff this year.

I Only Needed Her

Even with all of this, I realized something.  I didn’t need that picture of how I thought my first Christmas as a new husband would look.  I didn’t need all of those things to have the perfect Christmas with my newlywed wife.  I could cut out everything except for one, I just need her.  I just need Leidy in the picture for Christmas to be complete.

The perfect Christmas as a newlywed couple is the Christmas that you spend together.  It doesn’t matter what kind of curveball life throws at us because we have each other and that fill us more than any cup of extra strong eggnog or holiday festivities ever would.

Thank You So Much

So from the bottom of our hearts, Merry Christmas everyone.  Merry Christmas and thank you so much for supporting us on our journey together as we just getting started with Leidy and Josh Photography.  2018 has been such an incredible year and we have so many blessing it would be difficult to count them all.  And even though 2018 was one of the best years of our lives, we have so much to share with you in 2019.  More on that in our next post.  Until then!

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