Learn how to create collections that sell themselves. We'll show you how to structure your collections for the luxury market and give you a system to easily scale. Never worry about how much to charge again and consistently book your largest collection. Learn how to design your investment guide so it builds value and only shows what is important for your clients to know.

What's Included:


- A complete review of your pricing showing you exactly how much you are making for each package.

- Custom review by Josh who will make suggestions on how you could price yourself to be more profitable.

- Our exact method for creating collections that sell themselves.  No guesswork or pushy sales techniques required.

- Your tailor-made action plan for the next steps you can become more profitable while selling yourself less.

- Contact us for support and we'll answer any questions or concerns you have.

"I am so thankful for Leidy and Josh's mentoring! They have exceeded our expectations with how much hands on attention I would received. It’s been so fun building a relationship with them throughout the process that will last well beyond the program."

— Megan Hannon Photography

"They have exceeded my expectations with how much hands on attention I’ve received."

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