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Why It’s Important

As a newly engaged couple, you and your fiancé will have plenty of items on your plate.  You will have everything from selecting a venue for your big day to creating your A and B guest lists.  There’s also the band versus DJ debate and the type of cake that you’ll select. 

It’s easy for some things to get lost in the shuffle.

That said, a wedding photographer is undoubtedly on your list of to-dos.  Along with finding someone to take your engagement photos, this decision is important.  How important?  We think as much as picking the wedding venue.  Your engagement and wedding photos will be one of the most cherished memories of the entire experience. 

Often couples hire one photographer for their engagement photos and an entirely separate photographer for the actual wedding ceremony.  While there is nothing wrong with this.  However there are benefits to hiring one photographer to shoot both your engagement photos and wedding day photos.

The Benefits of Having the Same Photographer

So what are some of the best reasons that you should the same photographer for your engagement and wedding photos?

First, you feel more comfortable with your photographer on your actual wedding day.  Your wedding day is going to contain a flurry of activity—with or without a wedding planner.  You’re going to be wanting to spend time with your (now) spouse, friends, and family instead of those assisting with your wedding.

You can minimize the burden on you and your spouse on your big day by getting to know your photographer during your engagement shoot, rather than on the day of your marriage. After completing the engagement shoot, your photographer will not only have met you before your actual wedding day, but they will already have a sense of your preferences for your wedding photos. They can begin doing their job without going through the traditional formalities.

Next, selecting the same photographer for your engagement and wedding photos ensures consistency in style. Each photographer brings his or her own unique style or perspective to each and every photo. By doing this, the photographer creates a style that is evident across their entire collection.  It maintains the same aesthetic feel that you selected when you were searching for photographers. This creates peace of mind and eliminates another thing that you have to think about on your wedding day.

Finally, hiring one photographer for both engagement and wedding photos may result in a lower price. This obviously depends on the photographer. That said, it is often the case that selecting one photographer for both your engagement and wedding photos will result in a lower cost than choosing one photographer for your engagement shoot and a separate photographer for your wedding day. Oftentimes, wedding budgets are tight, so a lower total cost for photos—no matter how small—will help you stay within your budget.

Looking to hire a wedding photographer in Michigan?

While you and your fiancé have many things to juggle for your wedding day, rest assured that your engagement and wedding day photos will be one of the most treasured possessions in your lives. Booking the same photographer for both sets of photos will not only make your life easier, but will result in better photos.

If you are interested in booking a wedding photographer in Grand Rapids Michigan for both your engagement photos and wedding day photos, we are happy to help!

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    […] Any advice for someone considering to have a wedding photographer for their wedding? Yes get to know your photographer, know their style, and tell them exactly what you are looking to create. Some of the best advice I could give is to have your wedding photographer do your engagement pictures too. The feedback you give your photographer will improve your wedding photos. And you get to practice being photographed with your spouse to be! We wrote a blog post on the subject here:… […]

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